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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my credit so important?

There are many various reasons why your credit is so important. Your credit history determines whether you are qualified to borrow money for things such as homes, cars, and credit cards.

How to get my Annual Credit Report Free?

You are able obtain a yearly free credit report from all 3-bureaus at

How long does it take to see results from credit repair?

As every situation is different, the expectations for results will not appear overnight. However, as things start to be remove from your credit often your vantage scores will increase on sites such as creditkarma. Our goal is to increase your fico scores which are appropriate for obtaining credit.

What is the first step of repairing my credit?

Book your consultation today as we credit an action plan to better your future.

Why do I need all 3 credit bureau reports?

Each bureau reports different information, whenever you are applying for credit all three reports are combined. It is beneficial to review all three for errors and etc.